gk home watchGreg Kaseeska
Owner / Operator
GK Home Watch Naples Florida

GREG was born in Chicago. After graduation he entered the Air Force and spent nearly 24 years in the service, retiring as a Chief Master Sergeant in the Supply field. After retiring from the service, he started his second career as a Materials Manager and VP of Operations mostly in the medical device manufacturing sector.  He has been very active in the American Production and Inventory Control Society and has earned and maintained certification in CPIM and CSCP.  He has lived in the Naples area for over 10 years and is an ambassador with The Great Naples Chamber of Commerce. He also uses his knowledge and experience with the GK Universal Home Inventory LLC. He holds a BS in both Business and Management from the University College of Maryland and a MA in Management from Webster University.


GK Home Watch Naples Florida

Yanira is originally from the Dominican Republic where she was raised and educated. After moving to Puerto Rico she worked in government offices and in their educational system. While in Puerto Rico she obtained her United State citizenship and finally moved to Killeen, Texas. She pulled up roots once again and moved to Naples Florida and has lived here for 13 years while spreading her charm and that unforgettable smile while working in customer service.

 gk home watch

Since you are here, you are taking the first step to what many say is peace of mind. Whether this is your first time looking for a home watch service or you are looking to replace your current provider, thank you for visiting with us and we hope that we can be of service to you.

There are many home watch providers with varied services and the quality of their work varies as vastly as the sands on Naples Beach. Most are trust worthy and will provide good service, but are you looking for just good service or high quality service? Is your current provider a friend or the guy down the street? Ask yourself are they professional? Do they know what to look for? Are they consistent on their visits? Are they there when you need them? Are they insured and bonded?

At GK Home Watch, LLC we provide you with excellent professional service so you don’t have to worry about your property while you are away. When you return to paradise, you want to find everything in order and ready for you to enjoy!!

What makes us different than all the other home watch companies? First, we are specializing and limiting our services to a restricted geographic area in the Naples, Florida area; not trying to cover the whole county which almost makes it impossible to provide outstanding service. Secondly, we are professionals that have been trained by one of the leading home watch trainers in the area, and are dedicated to serving you. Thirdly, our focus is on catching those things that will go wrong before they turn into disasters. Forth, we are a home watch company; we do not claim to be inspectors or handymen. We leave that up to the professionals in those fields and we can help you with that. After all, this is our community too and we want to see homes that are well maintained and to ensure the protection of our community as best we can.

We serve Ava Maria, the Oil Well Rd. corridor, The Quarry, Heritage Bay, Twin Eagles communities and communities along Immokalee Rd.


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